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Manufacturer of Ingot and Casting of different grades of steel.

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Diversified and completely backward integrated

LSRM the Group’s flagship unit was established in 1937, and then they diversified into manufacturing industry. There are 5 companies under the LSR Group umbrella having presence in different industrial sectors.  LSR Group is always keen to understand the needs of customers to meet them through stringent quality control of the product (finished goods). To fulfill the vision, the integration plan (Backward and forward) is designed in such a way that output of one unit becomes input for another unit.

R&D Compliance with Quality Standards

At LSR, quality is a priority & lays emphasis on continuous improvement, meeting customer expectations and all time regulatory compliance. We set and follow the most stringent operating procedures to ensure quality finished products. At every stage we have a stringent quality checks. The quality is controlled by highly trained personnel by means of continuous testing and process control. AIIFA awarded Dhatu Nayak Award in the year 2003 for manufacturing alloy steel of very high quality from induction furnace.

Emphasis on customer satisfaction

We are committed to manufacture and supply in-time quality products as per customer’s requirements to their satisfaction. We shall strive to continuously improve the effectiveness of the established quality management system. We earn our customers’ trust and build partnerships to meet their unique needs. We thrive on challenging projects and strive for excellence. We create products for the complete satisfaction of customers in terms of quality, delivery, and cost.

LSR Mills is a four generation family owned business focused on quality metal products for our customers. We were built on a foundation of family. Over the years, LSR has earned the reputation of preferred steel supplier globally by consistently delivering for 9 decades on our promises to customers. We offer a wide range of products as per customer requirements and have expertise in Casting, Rolling, Forging & Machining.


We at LSR are going to put our best efforts in making the environment pollution free, clean and green. We have been selected as one of the model units in India by UNDP/GEF, Ministry of Steel, India, for the modernization of plant. We at LSR are going to put our best efforts in making the environment pollution free, clean and green. We have been selected as one of the model units in India by UNDP/GEF, Ministry of Steel, India, for the modernization of plant.

To be the world’s most reliable and innovative manufacturer, service and solution provider in the steel industry.

We take pride in our industry leading custome metal fabrication services. This is the core of our business, and is process we take seriously. We work on small, large and heavy components. Our team of expertes provides over a dozen metal fabrication services.

To supply high-quality steel products, providing related services and solutions to a worldwide client base while utilizing innovative technologies within an environment of motivated employees focused on continuous improvement, highest business standards, work ethics and corporate citizenship, leading to added value to our customers and sustained return on investment to our shareholders.



Corporate Social Responsibility Since the foundation of the LSR organization in 1938, the continuous effort has been to return to the community as much as possible.The company in association with IBM provided education to girl child in an effort to promote awareness and importance of education. We work with integrity, passion and whole heartedly for the betterment of the society.

What Other Says About Us

I would highly recommend LSR Mills for any project consisting of automobile parts. When they are working on one of my projects, I can always count on them to complete the job on schedule and in a professional and courteous manner.

We have hired LSR Mills on numerous projects over the years. They have always completed quality work and have been responsive to our schedules. On every undertaking, from small projects requiring a few miscellaneous metal items, to large commercial orders, LSR has always provided the same great service and exhibited a willingness to work together.

During the last four years LSR Mills has cooperated on multiple projects on various sites.  Each project with LSR has exhibited the highest level of organization, quality and integrity. Your staff, at all levels, has demonstrated a complete understanding of every aspect of chemical composition and mechanical properties of different grades of steel.