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Steel is an artifact of a huge and scientifically intricate industry having strong forward and backward connections. The strong economy of a company can be judged by the presence of a stout steel industry and the growth of many of the countries largely depend on shaped by the strength of their steel industries in their initial stages of development. LSR Group was established in 1938, by Sh. R. K. Jain, in an era, when the steel industry in India was seeing its wee time and since then it has continuously expanded its vistas. We operate from a modern manufacturing facility using a highly skilled workforce to produce a wide range of Cast Iron Castings which are supplied around the major OEMs in many sectors. We have achieved this by innovation in products through constant research & development, with the help of latest modern technology and state-of the-art Foundry at Ludhiana.

Currently LSR group operations are carried out under four different sectors:

Antarctic Industries Limited

Manufacturer of Ingot and Casting of different grades of steel

Ludhiana Steel Rolling Mills

Manufacturer and supplier of Carbon & Alloy Steel rounds and bars in different Grades, Sections & Shapes

L.S.R. Forge Pvt. Limited

Manufacturer and supplier of open & close die forgings

B T Steel Limited

Manufacturer of Ingot and Casting of different grades of steel

Being a company driven by industrial excellence and competence, all our products speak volumes of quality and innovation. The LSR Group has sort of very eventful past with clear future, located in the industrial hub of Ludhiana. The group has been climbing the success ladder under the guidance of Chairman Sh. R.K. Jain with the help of his two sons Mr. Sandeep Jain and Mr. Sanjay Jain who have broad experience in their respective fields of industries. LSR is a composition of people, who have proved their excellence in field of Production, Quality, Maintenance, Commercial, HR and IT at corporate level. We have technical consultants aboard for crucial operations like for steel melting, rolling & heat treatment. The group is committed to achieve excellence in all spheres. LSR Group has deep understanding and experience in fulfilling the needs of customers through stringent quality control of the end products. To fulfill the vision, the integration plan is inculcated in such a way that output of one unit becomes input for another unit. Like every triumph tale, LSR Group chronicle contain ingredients of strength and endeavor, of success through grit and bravery, coupled with vision and accurate planning. Throughout its success trail, the LSR Group and its members have displayed unwavering passion of setting higher standards for themselves through benchmarking and delivering simply the best to their customers.

Quality Policy of LSR Group

"We are committed to manufacture and supply in-time quality products as per customer’s requirements to their satisfaction; we shall strive to continuously improve the effectiveness of the established quality management system"

Environment and Society

LSR Group not only produces world class products, it is also committed to promote best environment protection practices. Keeping in mind the main purpose of environment and society LSR group adopted various methods to create awareness about the benefits of clean and green environment.

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